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New Blog

I used to have a blog but I let it sort of rust away over time so I’m starting a new one just to document all my makes and things I get up to.

I now have my own craft room which deserves to be written about and the dog deserves a mention too.

I’m really good at forgetting what I planned to make and also what I have made, so hopefully I can keep more on top of it with this blog!

I’m gonna start with some lists because there’s nothing I love more than a list!

Current WIPs 


Falling Leaves afghan

I’ve been slowly making this for about a year now!! Its something I go back to when I’ve finished a project.

Polka dot dress
Poor little dress, its New Look 6183 with a ridicuously wide back which I need to take in at some point.

My first ever quilt
As you can see it’s progressing well…

Embroidered cushion for my friend Jenny, as its a surprise design I can’t show it yet but making it is super fun!

Keila top

I’ve only just started with the first square, the fabric is from an old camp bed belonging to Garys grandparents! It gave me an excuse to try some scwepswool that Deramores have just started stocking

Picnic bench cushions
The foam for these is also from Garys grandparents campbed!

Moss Blanket 

I named it after the colours of the yarn which I love! Its James C Brett Woodlander.

Future Projects

My Ravelry queue is ridicuously full… 

It’s a mix of amigurumi, blankets and some accessories too.

Some have been on there for almost a year…

I have a few printed off PDF new look patterns for dresses but I’m also trying to work through the Colette sewing book.

I also splurged on some great cross stitch and embroidery patterns recently because obviously I dont have enough in my to-do list!

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