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Kitchen unit

The other week Gary came up with an idea for a unit for our kitchen to save us some space, he likes working with wood when he can. When he was drawing up the designs we decided we could put a cute little gingham curtain on it.

All last week Gary worked on the unit in his dads shed and he finished it so quickly, he painted it white and filled it up when I was at work so it was a lovely surprise when I got in at midnight.

We went to Bury St Edmunds the other day for a visit and to go to the fabric shop.

Whilst we were there we had a peruse of the cathedral gardens which were beauuuutiful! They are open to the public every day and you can walk round the abbey ruins even with a dog so we had a lovely time.

We didn’t go inside the cathedral as it’s not really Garys thing and Amber was getting a bit hot, but we had a quick look, it looks really new for a cathedral.

We then went to Sew Creative in Bury which was a lovely shop, I thought the shop and the staff were much better than the Cambridge branch, they even let us go in with Amber. We looked for some blue or red gingham but whatever we found wasn’t quite right, when suddenly Gary pointed out some other fabric.
I’d actually been eyeing up this fabric a while back on the Brighton Sewing Centre website so I was excited he’d pointed it out. We bought half a metre and headed home.

I did some measuring and planning and then completely changed how I wanted to do it and so I had to replan it all. A few photos in progress…

And the finished project

And a little close up

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