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My Miette

So far in my sewing adventures I’ve finished 3 skirts, and some random round the house objects. I’ve made a dress but it needs to be taken in at the back, and that scares me so I’m avoiding it till I’m more confident!

The three skirts I’ve made are the Tilly & the Buttons Picnic Skirt, Colette Meringue and a pencil skirt from the Great British Sewing Bee patterns.

When there was a sale on at Tilly’s shop recently I bought myself one of her lovely tote bags and a paper Miette pattern.

I used some red polka dot fabric I’d been saving for a dress.

I hadn’t looked at the construction of a wrap around skirt before or ever worn one, so I couldn’t quite get my head around how it was going to work. I had a couple of issues when making this skirt, once or twice I couldn’t quite understand the instructions which meant I made 2 mistakes with the skirt. However I think this is more due to my lack of understanding than any issues with the instructions! They were really simple for everything else. Also thanks to this pattern I finally understand the grainline! I know its actually the simplest thing in the world everrrrrrrrr but I had decided it couldnt be as simple as I thought and assumed it was super duper complicated. Derp.

I managed to finish the skirt the night before we went on holiday so I could wear it whilst we were in Wales 🙂

The second day I wore it with that stripey top I actually tucked my top into the skirt (first time I’ve bee brave enough to try that out, because I fear any new kind of fashion) which meant I could tie the bow all nice.

Overall definitely the best thing I’ve made so far so pretty pleased with it!

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