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Sexy men cushion

I briefly mention this when it was a WIP but now it’s done and sent on its way so I can share this looooverly cushion I made.

My best friend Jenny is a an artist who does a lot of work about hyper masculinity, namely super muscley men and body builders. See her website here.
She moved into a new place with her boyfriend recently and I decided to make her a moving in gift, which of course I gave her once she’d been there for months already but she loved it anyway.

I made her a cushion with some Sublime Stitching patterns I bought ages ago (with Jenny in mind!).

I decided to have some design on the front and some on the back, and to make the cushion an envelope shape.

Tracing the pattern

All the bodies were done in backstitch

Obligatory man chest snap

Back of stitches

One finished hunky man!

Finished front

Finished back

Face close up

Surfboard close up

All in all this project was super fun, one of the best bits was doing it on the bus and getting some funny looks haha.

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