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2014 Round up

I thought this post wouldn’t take so long as obvs I am rubbish and barely make anything and everything I make is rubbish, but when I put some photos together I realised I did rather alright last year, woohoo! So I made some collages of course. Theres some stashy filler pics too of course

Bedroom lampshade/Work Lanyard/Kitchen Bag Holder
Sexy Men Cushion [Pattern]/Feather Holder/Golden Girls Cross Stitch [Pattern]
1 of 6 Pattern Weights/Cup of Tea Cross Stitch/4 Handmade Cushions

Mollie makes fox brooch/Mollie Johansson Emboidery [Pattern]/Deer Cushion [Pattern]
Fox Scarf WIP [Pattern]/Polka dot clutch WIP/Bull Shit Man Costume
Granny Square Blanket/Original Angela Landsbury Print [Artist]/Embroidery Sampler WIP

Crochet Owl Cushion [Pattern]/Pusheen [Pattern]/Dachshund Embroidery on a Picnic Blanket Skirt [Pattern][Pattern]
Flamingo Cross Stitch [Pattern]/Kitchen Unit Curtain/Long Sleeve Bronte Top [Pattern]
Christmas Stockings (Frogged)/Yarn Stash/Keila Top WIP [Pattern]

Fabric Pot/Quilt WIP/Vintage Sewing Machine
Rainbow Cowl WIP/Miette Skirt [Pattern]/Fat Quarter Stash
Star Trek TNG Cross Stitch [Pattern]/Green Dress WIP/Round Cushion

Definitely a right mix there, I only started cross stitching this year and its quite fun although I get bored rather quickly so I don’t think it’ll be something I do too often. I definitely did not take enough photos, there’s other things I made that aren’t here (including clothes) and I’m bringing plenty of WIPs into 2015. I’m planning another post for my plans and hopes for 2015 so maybe I’ll finish that post for the end of March haha.

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