Gertie’s Easy Knit Skirt

My first project of 2015 is a pattern from Gertie’s new book, the Easy Knit Skirt. I got myself some plain black stretch from Minerva crafts, along with the elastic I needed a ballpoint twin needle.
This was my third project working with knits, I’ve made 2 Brontë tops already.
When I went to cut out my pattern I realised I didn’t have any more of the dots and crosses paper I usually use and I was super annoyed. I only buy it from Fabric Land in back home in Brighton as it’s 50p a metre (!!), and I knew it’d be more in John Lewis in Cambridge. I then remembered that I had however bought some freezer paper yonks ago, so I used that instead, it’s thicker and has a tendency to curl madly due to being on a roll but it definitely works!

I got just plain black fabric so I could use the skirt as a wardrobe staple.
I pinned the pattern pieces rather than ironing them on and I was set to go.
The pattern recommended that you try the skirt on once you’ve sewn the side seams, thank god it did because it was huge on me. I ripped out the stitching ( not fun with knit fabric and everything in black!) and I took it in an inch on either side. This time it seemed to fit better so I put the elastic on and tried it on again… it was still huge on me so I had to rip the elastic out and take it in another inch either side.
When I put the elastic back in I did it the wrong way but refused to do any more ripping so I folded it in and then folded it again over the top.

Using a twin point needle was terribly exciting, but my hemming is bloody awful, I would have redone it but its not that obvious on a black skirt and I was excited to get the skirt done as I was planning to wear it later that week.

The skirt is still a little big on me but its really comfortable. When I visited my friend wearing it she gave me an unwanted dress of hers that I reckon I could rework into a similar shape skirt.

I haven’t taken any decent photos of it but it seems to take me forever to bloody get around to doing it so here is a rather rubbish photo, hurrah!

At some point I hope I will get around to fixing the skirt and taking it in a bit more!!

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