Clemence Skirt

When I got a waterstones gift card for Christmas I knew what I was going to spend it on right away, Tillys Love at First Stitch book of course! I was super excited to get going with some of the projects in the book and bought the fabric and notions I needed for one 
of the dresses that afternoon, but I’m not quite 
ready to cut into that lovely fabric yet…

The book requires that you draft the pattern yourself under Tillys great instruction. As I was out of my usual dots and crosses paper I used some freezer paper I had knocking about. 

The Pattern is very simple, and I think the whole skirt is the same as Tillys Picnic Blanket skirt but with a zip instead of buttons, which happens to be the second skirt Id ever made, so I had an idea of where I could go wrong.

The fabric I used I had purchased for a circle skirt from a Burda magazine but I decided to use it for this instead. The fabric is a poly-cotton which in reality is a kind of aqua/turquoise, it’s ridiculously light so I decided to have a go at lining the skirt with some cheap satin, both fabrics were from Fabric Land.

When I made my picnic blanket skirt my gathering wasn’t very even, so this time I paid more attention then literally pinned the absolute crap outta the skirt to make sure it all stayed in place, may have gone a little overboard..

I’m really pleased with how well the lining went, and my french seams went really well.

My hemming is definitely the best I’ve done so far, it’s not exactly super neat but it looks pretty straight on the outside and it doesn’t look like it might come apart at any moment which is always a winner!

My zips obviously still need work but its not as obvious when the skirt is on, except for the top, doh! But it’s only the third invisible zip I’ve put in so I’m not gonna be too hard on myself!

The main issue I’ve had is just fit, I think I worry too much about making things too small so I always over compensate, which means my waistband which I wanted to sit on my actual waist, sits above my hips as its a bit too big, so that’s something else to work on!

In this pic you can see the slightly fail tastic zip and the fact the skirt’s a bit on the large side… you can also see I’m lazy with an iron…

Overall I’m really happy with this make, I’ll definitely be wearing it a lot, and if I can think of a way of taking it in a smidge without having to deconstruct a load of bits (I am way too lazy for that!) I’ll do it. The pattern was a breeze to follow, I understood everything even better than when I did the Miette pattern; but I think my main confusion then was that I’d never worn anything ‘wrap-around’ before so the construction boggled my mind.

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