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Trip to Saffron Walden

Hello there!

Thought I’d do a little post about a trip to Saffron Walden that I took last week with my boyfriends mum.

We went with no paticular aim in mind, just to have a nice day. We wandered around a few different shops and both ordered some prints of photos from Boots; I say some, she got 2 I got just over 100!
Unfortunately I only had my phone for photos so they’re all a bit pants, ha!

We went to have a coffee at a cafe I’ve visited before, it’s called Tea Amo (follow the link for their facebook page). It’s super cute there, all their cups are little vintage tea cups. We both had a coffee with a scone which was delish!

The cafe is decorated with the vintage tea cups on shelves and you can actually buy them too!

Lovely display we sat next to

How cute are these??

And they had this awesome window display for Valentines Day

Of course a trip to Saffron Walden wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Craft Days! I hadn’t visited for about a year, and a lot has changed inside. 

One side of the shop is for the classes, and when we visited there was a ‘getting to know your sewing machine’ class on. The other side is the shop itself. The overall range of things they do is I think a bit smaller than I remember but it’s still a lovely shop.

They sell a range of fabrics, mostly quilting cottons but some others too. They also sell yarn, mostly more high end stuff. They have a table full of bowls of buttons which was hard to resist and then a range of notions and other things like felting wool.

The displays are lovely, have a look at their window display below.

Unfortunately the one thing I went in for they didn’t have, I needed a zip and they didn’t have a huge selection, but I did get some black thread (after realising that I have every colour under the sun except black)

I spotted some yarnbombing in the town too which made me ridiculously happy.

Finally here’s a dodgy selfie of what I was wearing as I’d ventured out in my new Clemence skirt.

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