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Who doesn’t need a million pattern weights?

So I’m currently working my way through my Colette Pastille dress and I’ve started making a muslin for the bodice of the Megan dress. I screwed up tracing some of it and decided I needed some more pattern weights (procrastination much?). I had made 6 about a year ago but they are really good at hiding when I need them so I decided to make some more with my ever increasing mountain of scraps.

I made some before, I think it took me a few hours to make 6 before, this time it took me 2 hours to make 8. That’s from cutting to playing with (obviously I couldn’t help myself), still quite a long time but its definitely an improvement.
I filled these ones up a lot more than the previous ones so they’re a much better weight too.
I did manage to drop  a ridiculous amount of the gravel on the floor which the dog tried to eat but I managed to stop her!

In other news I entered a competition on Winnie’s blog Scruffy Badger Time and I won!! I won a pair of tickets to the Spring Knitting & Stitching Show, I promptly told everyone at work about it but they didn’t really get it… I’ve invited my super talented friend Estelle to go, she’s a wonderful freelance illustrator, you can find her website here. I’m soooo super excited to go!! I will definitely be blogging about it after! 

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