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Trip to London Zoo

I’ve just had a lovely week off and I kicked it off with a trip to London Zoo with a group of friends. I hadn’t been for about 7 years and it was a great excuse to meet up with all my friends that have moved to the capital.

I was lucky enough to have my friend leave me and my partner some tickets at the front desk. I was shocked by how expensive the tickets were, I know it’s in London but they were almost £30!
Luckily we managed to while away over 5 hours there so everyone got their money’s worth.

We didn’t get around to seeing any of the displays or talks, if there had been a falconry display I think I’d have gotten us all to watch it but otherwise we weren’t too fussed.

There were some young Humboldt Penguins which were super cute, of course there was a wild Grey heron hanging about the penguin pool too.

The butterfly house was brilliant and we spent quite a long time in there, the chrysalis’ were beautiful too, especially the one below which really did look like silver, however the volunteer who was working there wasn’t able to tell us what species this was.

Beautiful Sunbittern

I hadn’t been to London Zoo for about 7 years, not much had changed overall but they have some nice critters in amongst all the usual ones. The main reason I wanted to visit London Zoo though was because they had recently welcomed a new animal into the fold, a Chinese Giant Salamander. I love me a weird creature (I did my dissertation on Aye-ayes) and these guys are pretty weird, and pretty freakin’ awesome. Just to top it all off, this guy is called PROFESSOR WU. Truly awesome name. 

Of course he didn’t dissapoint, when we got to his tank he was hiding his big ass face away from us…

But of course as soon as he heard that we’d come just to see him (my friends were not aware of this) he turned round to say hi.

I was pretty happy…

The one other major species I was looking forward to seeing was the zoo’s pair of Aye-ayes, however when we got to them they were no longer there, the house had been turned into a fruit bat enclosure, I hope they’re just off show now, and they haven’t ‘gone to a farm’ like my friends suggested…

Anyway, all in all it was a good day out, I definitely wouldn’t put London in my top 10 of zoos but its the only place in the UK to see a giant salamander!!

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