Megan Moth Dress

For Christmas I got a bunch of Hobbycraft vouchers and as I’d just gotten myself a copy of tillys book I went fully armed. 

This fabric instantly caught my eye, it’s right up my street, although I’ve checked and the Latin names are made up haha. It’s a fairly light but still sturdy 100% cotton, it’s called Butterflight and is from the Eclectic Elements collection from Coats.

When tracing out the pattern I used a new method, namely wax paper and a tracing wheel. I traced right onto the fabric so I had the wax markings on the bottom side then I used a water dispersible pen on the top and played dot to dot. I’m pretty confident this isn’t the right way of doing it but I rather enjoyed it.
I also cut it out using a rotary cutter and that went surprisingly well too.

Sewing this dress went well overall, I’m still such a novice that I thoroughly enjoy Tilly’s hand holding instructions in the book.

When it came to the zip I went a bit mad and just winged it, which has made for the most visible invisible zip ever but I’m actually not fussed. The zip I got is a perfect match for the fabric, colour wise so I don’t mind that its a bit squiffy.

I’m really pleased with the fit, I cut a 5 with no adjustments and the fit is perfect except for the neck, which I can live with.

I’m not actually entirely sure how you fix a gaping neck, I have a feeling it’s so simple I’m assuming it must be harder.

Obviously didn’t really go for any pattern matching with this dress, I don’t plan on facing those demons till I have to!!

The best thing about this dress is I managed to make it in one day!!!

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