Tiramisu baby blanket

A few months ago we found out that my boyfriend’s brother and sister in law were expecting a baby, so as soon as we were told it was going to be a boy I set about making a blanket.
I’ve had the tiramisu blanket in my ravelry queue for what feels like eons now. I got me some Aran weight baby blue yarn from Wool Warehouse. 
I’ve been a Deramores customer since I first started crocheting about 3 years ago but the last time I ordered from them they’d changed from Royal Mail to Hermes, the parcels took longer to arrive and it was much harder to get your parcel of you missed it. I complained about it on their Facebook only to receive a faceless reply. So I switched to Wool Warehouse and the parcel came super fast and in a cute little bag so I was super chuffed.
When I started the blanket about 20 rows in I realised it was too small, so I ripped it and increased the starting chain by about a third.
This blanket got boring super quick and quickly got too big to carry around in my project bag.
It took about 3 months in total and that’s only because a baby shower was announced ha!
Of course I finished it altogether about 15 minutes before I had to leave. Turns out threading ribbon in this pattern is SLOW, SO SO SLOW.
But anyway here’s some pictures which I obviously took as I was running out of the door!!

The yarn used was Patons Baby Fab Aran and I ended up using 4 Balls, with a 5.5 Hook.
Overall I kinda hated making this blanket, I hated the colour and the repetitive stitch, and I thought it was ugly. Once I got the ribbon in it though I changed my mind and decided it was rather lovely so I came to peace with it in my mind haha.

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