Second Megan Dress

I recently had to make a dress for a funeral, I only have one black dress and it isn’t really a suitable style.

As I had an issue with time I decided just to make another Megan Dress by Tilly, as I’d already made one previously. I ordered some plain black cotton poplin from Minerva crafts and when it came I got straight to it, I didn’t even prewash the fabric (!).

I decided to line the whole dress, the bodice because I wanted a bit of extra warmth in there and the skirt because I love the feel of my Clemence skirt which has been lined. In fact when I checked I actually had enough material left over from that lining so I used the same one again.

I had sooooo many issues with the lining material (it was a Chinese silk from Fabric Land). I think I didnt have any with the Clemence because that was just some rectangle shapes and Bobs your uncle but I had major isses this time.

The edges frayed horrifically and the frayed bits became fibres that attached themselves to anything and everything, and turned into huge balls of irritating fluffyness. It drove me mad. The fibres also stuck to my main fabric and even now, after a wash there’s still some there.

I used this tutorial from Kitchy Coo for the bodice lining and this tutorial from Girl Inspired for putting a zip in a lined dress.

I knew that with my previous Megan dress it had been a bit gapey at the back and the back neckline so I winged cutting it down, and I took out an inch from each side tapered down to a point about 8in down. When I actually tried on the dress it turned out I should have gone down another inch or two as I now have a bit of a humpback in the dress, but I was finishing the dress the day before the funeral so I just went for it.

So for overall fit, its perfect except for my magical humpback and there is still a slight gape at the front (but I’m not brave enough to deal with those yet.

I didn’t get any photos of myself wearing the dress but it doesn’t look much different from my other Megan dress.

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