Beautiful Bruges

We just went on a long weekend to Bruges in Belgium, a place we only found out existed thanks to the sterling movie In Bruges with Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson; seriously, if you haven’t seen this movie before, go watch it right now!

Apparently I grew up on a farm, because I loved Bruges ha!

Ok, Bruges, it’s soooo beautiful!! It’s a medieval town with wonderful architecture, I was so excited by it all even on the walk from the station to the hotel! 

There are three things you see a heck of a lot of in Bruges; Beer, Chocolate and Lace!

Somehow we managed to miss eating any chocolate but did manage to eat a lot of waffles!

There were a couple of art exhibitions on that we went to see, a Dali one and a Picasso one. We weren’t that keen on the Dali one, but the Picasso one was better, and had pieces by other artists too.

Everywhere you walk in Bruges is so beautiful! We did all the touristy things, a boat tour brewery tour, up the belfry (I only made it about halfway up!).

There are some great restaurants there, and if you like beer you will be in heaven! Sadly I don’t, but we managed to find the only bar that did spiced rum! I mostly drank vodka otherwise, although I started drinking wine too (this is a crazy thing to me!).

The above photo was at a great restaurant called #food, the guy running it made us these beautiful vodkas with home-made lemonade, they were a bit too good!
On the first evening there, after a gorgeous meal at a posh Italian restaurant, we went for a wander through the streets of Bruges, we found an open air concert…

And after that we found a beautiful bridge which was all lit up, with a tree hanging over the top, and whilst we were admiring it, I got the best surprise of my life, when my other half proposed! 

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