New Look 6143

As I seem to be seriously behind with blogging, so much so that I have a backlog of projects to blog about, wahoo!!

For our trip to Bruges I wanted a new dress to wear and I had some folky style fabric that I decided would be ideal.

The fabric is a medium weight cotton and I bought it in the sale at John Lewis a few months ago, the pattern is New Look 6143 and I made view A. Unfortunately I can’t remember what the fabric was called!

In regards to fit I think it’s about 80% there, I’m still such a novice that reworking for fit is still rather frightening to me. I basted the zip in and found I had a large gape at the back so I measured it and cut a triangle shape out of both sides at the back which fixed that.

This was my first time putting in a lapped zip and making pleats. I used Scruffy Badgers tutorial for the lapped zip, it went fairly well, better than my first ever invisible zip anyway! The pleats also went fairly well but I think I definitely have room for improvement!


As you can see in the above photos there is some excess material on the lower back and I find the neck a bit wide, it is quite a wide neck which I’m not used to so I think I just gotta get used to it!

A bonus of the dress is I can wear one of my favourite jumpers with it, this jumper doesn’t like bulky necks or sleeves so they work great together!

I lined the bodice in a light cyan cotton polka dot, the same one I used for my Clemence skirt.

Overall I’m pretty pleased with the dress, I definitely want to try one of the other views one day with the lace. Once I’m more confident with fitting and dressmaking I will reattempt!

I’ll finish this post with a final photo, these were taken the day after I got engaged 🙂

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