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Colette Moneta

Hi there!

When I was last in Brighton I got myself a small horde from Fabric Land, including some polka dot knit fabric.

I decided to use it to make a Moneta dress, I hadn’t been sure about a knit dress, I’ve never had one before but once the sun came out in Britain, I kept seeing people with RTW knit dresses so I decided to take the plunge.

The fabric itself is fairly cheap quality, and I also made a mistake by hanging over my door to dry, so it ended up with a pointy dent in the middle where it had been on the corner of the door! Because of this I had to cut my pieces out around the dent as I couldn’t iron it back down!

I made pockets for the first time ever which is terribly exciting!

Gathering a knit fabric sounded terrifying to me at first and my first few attempts were not amazing but once I realised you really do have to yank that elastic it went smoother!

My machine really struggled with skipping stitches on this dress, so a lot of the stitching is kinda… ugly… I am thinking of re-doing it all on my new machine (oh yessss, more on that soon!)

The fabric is definitely as cheap as the price was, which is fine as I’m still learning but then I do think it made the process that bit more difficult.

I am overall suuuuper pleased with it though, I love that I have a dress that I can just chuck on that’s casual or can be worn out. It’s super comfy too so I see more knit dresses in my future!

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