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Birthday and Bettine

This year in July I celebrated my 27th birthday, and I had a lovely crafty day!

My day started with the other half giving me my present, which was a huge box, I opened it and it was a new sewing machineeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I nearly died haha! I’d been mentioning it a few months before but didn’t think he’d actually get me one so I was delighted. It’s a Janome Sewist 525s, the machine used on the GBSB and I’d gotten to use one when I took a class at MIY in Brighton.

So I was ridiculously deliriously happy! On top of this my mum got me the Sewtionary book and I used an Amazon voucher to get myself Learn to Sew with Lauren. Also the day before my sewing present to myself arrived (don’t judge me!); I’d taken advantage of Tilly’s special offer on her new patterns and I got myself the Fifi and Bettine package. Oh and of course I got myself the PDF of Agnes 😉

I had the day off from work and was going out that evening so I decided to just go crazy and make myself a Bettine to wear, and I managed it! I was super chuffed and got lots of compliments from my friends.

The fit is overall pretty good although it’s quite short on me! I have gotten used to just above the knee length patterns but I felt a bit cheeky when I wore it out that night! I also ended up with two little lumps, one on each hip, they’re not obvious (except to me!) and just seem to be there to tell me I have surprisingly small hips, so I will taper that down on the pattern next time!

I’ll end with a ridiculous drunk photo for you all to despair over.

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