Poland Trip

The week after my birthday the other half and I went for a few days to Warsaw, in Poland.

Be warned, this is basically a bit of a lengthy post about how awesome Warsaw is!!

We went for a summer visit as Gary hadn’t been to Warsaw in the summer, and so I could see some family too.

We rented an apartment right in the old town which was wonderful! If you don’t know about Warsaw’s Old Town it’s so beautiful, it’s one of my favourite places in the world. It dates back to the 13th century, and is a collection of small and large squares, and features the Royal Castle. The entire area was bombed entirely to smithereens during WWII, but instead of giving up on the area the people of Warsaw entirely rebuilt it as it looked before the war. 

The photo below shows the main square, with the Royal Castle on the right.

The emblem of Warsaw is a mermaid with a sword and shield, and there is a famous statue of her right in the centre of the market square. Poland loves a statue, they are everywhere, and they are all beautiful, this is definitely one of my favourites though!!

Another great thing about the old town is that there isn’t many pigeons, that actually to me isnt a great thing as I love a pigeon, but their replacement is so much cuter…

Lots of the restaurants and cafes there have tables outside, and when you sit there, you get visited, by sparrows!

Of course the whole time we were there we acted like massively obvious tourists and fed the sparrows every chance we got!

I took Gary to Lazenki Gardens when we were there, they are a huge park in the city and feature the palace on the water in the centre. As I’d been a few times before I didn’t take many photos of the obvious parts (theres also a beautiful huge Chopin statue there), but I did take many many photos of my favourite feature of the park…

The red squirrels! 

There’s a large number that live in the park and they are fairly tame, people come and feed them nuts throughout the year and its pretty gosh darn exciting having a squirrel come beg from you.

We decided to do something ~*super*~ crazy whist we were there and we booked a session at a freakin’ firing range!! For any Americans reading this, that sentance probably didn’t mean much to you but as a Brit it’s kinda crazy!

We found this place through TripAdvisor, and it was megaaaaaa! We got to shoot a few different guns; a pistol, a glock, a revolver, AK47, semi-automatic rifle and a double barrelled shot gun!

I was pretty nervous about doing it as I don’t personally think there’s anything super cool about guns and to me they represent danger but I was up for going out of my comfort zone.

I was definitely cacking myself the entire time, and had to have a lot help from the guy at the range but I’m glad I did it! Another positive was that 3 young Polish guys that were there seemed to assume I’d be rubbish as I was a girl but ended up looking fairly impressed, woohoo!

We also went to the zoo which is a bit of a tradition for me, when I first went about 10 years ago I wasn’t very impressed but the zoo has come on leaps and bounds since then and their new buildings easily rival those built in the UK.

I took Gary to the Warsaw University Library as well, sounds like a rubbish place to visit but the building is amaaaazing. It has a whole garden on the roof, and it goes all up the sides of the building on every side. There’s lots of bits to walk through and you can see into the library through huge windows whilst you’re walking around.

Finally we managed to see some of my Polish peeps, we had dinner with my friend Justyna who I haven’t seen for a few years now, and I took Gary to meet my great aunt who doesn’t speak any English, so that was fun for Gary! Luckily my cousins were there so they kept him occupied. It was the first time I’d seen my great aunt since I first started crafting and we spent a lovely half an hour just talking about wool, and she taught me Tunisian crochet too. I don’t get to see my extended family much, so that time was very precious to me.

Of course Poland is the land of Vodka and we partook of a lot of vodka. On our last night we went to my cousins flat and her two brothers came over. My cousin and I managed to polish off two bottles of Zubrowka and then we made the fatal mistake of starting some Martini…. Suffice to say my trip home the next day was nothing less than horrific.

Finally of course there was a small amount of craft related activities. I’d struggled to find any fabric shops which I couldn’t really understand till I realised I’d been calling fabric ‘material’ which doesn’t refer to fabric in Polish at all. 
I managed to trick the other half into a visit to one fabric store, it was an outlet type store which had lots of random fabrics on hangers, and a room with full bolts. I ended up getting an African style print cotton which wasn’t massive but I thought I’d be able to squeeze a skirt out of it, results of this will be up soon….

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