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Sew Brum

Hi there!

Whoops it’s been a few weeks since Sewbrum, I’ve just started a new job and I’m slowly getting used to not working shifts anymore, I work ‘normal’ people hours for the first time ever now so I tend to spend my free time with the mister instead of lounging in front of my laptop now! It’s also harder to get photos done in the evenings, so these new hours really are a work in progress!

So this was my first ever meet up, I don’t have any sewing friends IRL so I went on my lonely todd but I’d always heard that the sewing community is the nicest ever, and they really are!

At first I bounced from people to people just saying hello and instantly forgetting everyone’s names in my awkwardly nervous panic. After a while I ended up latching onto a girl who I thought said her name was Bill, actually it was Elle, but to me she was Bill for the rest of the day and I ended up being Ted.

I wore my newest make, simplicity 6180 (which may or may not get blogged by the end of the year…) and got lots of compliments on it which was lovely 🙂

When we went to Barry’s it blew my mind, who knew you could get such huuuuuge fabric shops! I spent the first twenty minutes wandering around in a daze, but I did find some nipple fabric. You heard me, it was fabric covered in nipples. The best thing was it came in 4 different skin tones, amazing.

I am now slightly regretting not getting any nipple fabric but I did pick up some cotton for a Christmas dress and some tartan fabric for the mini skirt of my teenage dreams.

After living through the never ending queues of Barry’s (there was around 60 sewers buying fabric at the same time!) We went through the market again to see if legends of a liberty stand were true and whilst we weren’t 100% convinced it was legit, Bill got a lovely piece!

After that it was onwards to Gurthie & Ghani, we got there quite late so missed out on the goodie bags but wowwww it’s such a pretty shop!! I’m very sad it’s so far away!

I eyed up some different fabrics in the shop and was gutted to see my dream Christmas dress fabric there after I’d already bought some! I was also drooling over some sweatshirt knit, I even double checked to see how much I’d need for a Jasper hoodie but I thought it’d break the bank a wee bit.

The upstairs in the shop was absolutely teeming with people, all of us talking about sewing, it was a dream! 

You can see the crowds in the photo above! Everyone bought tickets for the take and I was super excited to win a book!

It’s ‘Stylish Party Dresses’ by Yoshiko Tsukiori; there’s some lovely patterns in it and I’m hoping to make something from it next year!

I’d brought some patterns for the swap and I managed to nab some fabric for myself too!

My other half is convinced gingham is only for tablecloths! I am determined to prove him wrong!

Before we left I knew I absolutely had to buy SOMETHING there, and luckily I found this beautiful fabric with flamingos, it’s a polyester viscose and I’m hoping to break my cotton addiction with this!

Unfortunately everyone I’d been chatting with so far had to go so I caught the bus back into town on my lonesome but ended up chatting to three other ladies from Sewbrum and they invited me to get some food with them as we all had quite a while till our trains.

The day was so lovely and when I got on the train home I felt overwhelmed with everybody’s friendly positive attitudes.

Since Sewbrum I’ve actually ended up buying not only the Xmas fabric I saw but also some sweatshirt knit from girlcharlee which I plan to use for a seamwork Astoria!

2 thoughts on “Sew Brum

  1. This brings back so many memories!! Best day out of the year! I don't think I spoke to you but if I did I would have mad you buy that nipple fabric and would have gotten some myself. Even though it would probably stay in the stash forever getting it out and stroking (not weird I do that with all my fabric stash haha) it would make me very happy 🙂


  2. Hahaha nipple fabric! I would have encouraged you to buy that as well. Looks like a great day out. I wish I lived closer to all these fun sewing meet ups, although it's probably safer for my bank balance that I stay where I am!


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