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Hey guys!

So a million years ago my best friend took me to a magical place I’d never been called Ikea! It made me hours late to meet my mum which made me feel 15 again.

It was fairly magical, if I ignore my memories about the other customers there… but omg you guys, no-one told me they do FABRIC!!! 

Cutting it myself totally threw me but I grabbed some doozies. One was a beautiful wood print which became a cushion for my other half when he had a sad day.

But the two pieces I got myself, I had no idea what to do with them, especially when I realised they were both upholstery weight canvasy things. I decided they were a bit of a mistake and they weighed down my stash shelf for a good long while. Then one day I saw there were lots of canvas and upholstery weight Delphines on pinterest and realised I had a project for my ridiculous fabric!

I cut the main body out using single layers because nobody should miss out on these great moose.
For the back I just winged it with pattern placement and made sure I had bits I liked there. For the waistband I tried to just continue on the pattern from below, and keep those great super bright leaves going.

The skirt came together quickly and I managed to make yet another zip actually invisible.

However you’ll see in the pictures that my waistband is misaligned at the back. It also grapes at the top. There must be a way of fixing this but I’m not sure how…

This is such a fun skirt to wear though! It creases a wee bit and I am a dangerous person to have around white clothes but I’ve not had any massive spills yet…

Fabulous moose!!

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