Mandatory 2015 look back post

Hey guys!

As seems to be the motto of my blog, better late than never!

And as always when I thought about it I didn’t think I’d made very much in the last 12 months, then when I looked through my photos I realised I was rather wrong about that!

Some of these makes haven’t been blogged, but some of those will be, eventually…

Cushion for Gary, my Clemence skirt, pophat
Kindle cover, Megan dress, baby blanket

Moneta, Easter crafting, Bettine
Delphine, New sewing machine!, Arielle

Crochet racoon brooch, Sewbrum with Bill, Me-made outfit
Moss blanket, wooleater blanket, Ultimate pencil skirt
Camera case, harry potter studios, rainbow cowl

Wristwarmers, Ultimate pencil skirt, Christmas Megan
Agnes, 6180
Christmas Megan, Agnes, Agnes

So that’s what I made… Now I need to think about what is ahead!

I joined in on Instagram with the 2016makenine Hashtag and chose 9 projects I really want to get my teeth into fit next year. As you can see I’m keen to make more skirts! And also more knit tops, as I seem to wear a lot of these paired together. I’ve actually made the Bronte top before and I’m hoping I’ll have more luck with that than I have had with Agnes!


I am also trying out really visualising what I’m planning to make to hopefully actually make better fabric choices and really think through a project. So with that in mind I made a collage that directly corresponds to the patterns above. I used some stash fabric and just some ideas.

So here’s hoping that my 2016 sewing plans work out! I think this might be the year I finally join in with Me Made May too!

Wishing everyone happy sewing times!!!

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