Simplicity 6180

Hey guys!

So I mentioned this make in my Sewbrum post, as I wore it on the day. Since then I’ve worn it loads as it’s a lovely casual dress but can be worn out too.

I wanted a shirt dress for a long old time, I spent a while hunting around and eventually chose this pattern as it isn’t buttoned all the way down so I figured it was fairly beginner friendly. Of course two days after I bought it, Sew Over It brought out their shirt dress pattern! I chose to see how this one goes then maybe get the sew over it pattern at a later date.

I decided to use my parrot fabric I’d bought in Bruges as I had been excited to use it for months!

The pattern started out really well, I enjoyed learning about yokes as I hadn’t used them before.

Then I got to the collar, I really took my time as it was my first collar. It went pretty well until I had to attach it to the yoke and it didn’t fit together! The collar was too small and I silently seethed for a few hours. Then I decided to change the size of the pleat in the centre of the yoke, after a few goes I decided I hated collars and yokes and I put the dress aside planning to go back to it once I’d calmed down… turns out I can hold a grudge! I didn’t start making the dress again until over 2 months later!

Turns out the wait was worth it as I got there pleat the right size on my first go! After that it was easy peasy lemon squeezy. I did have a mind fart moment with my elastic where I decided to iron it… Luckily the iron survived the ordeal even though the elastic didn’t!

Putting the buttonholes and buttons on was easy too, I started the dress on my old machine but finished it on my new one and it has an automatic button hole function so I soon wizzed through that too!

The cuffs have a cute little notch in them which were fun to make but actually I can never seen you get them to stay flat when wearing the dress, a think they’d behave more with a denser or heavier fabric.

I may or may not have been sitting on my behind for a while before this was taken…

I’ve worn this dress lots since I made it as it’s so easy to throw on and can be worn dressed down or (a little) up.

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