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Megan for Christmas

Hey guys!
Hope you’re not 100% over Xmas as there’s a wee bit in this post!!

Ever since I started reading sewing blogs I’ve loved when people have made Christmas dresses, I think it’s a lovely idea.

With this in mind when I saw the Christmasy deer fabric in Barry’s at Sewbrum I decided I was ready to join the Christmas dress club.

Of course a few hours later I saw my actual dream ideal for me Christmas fabric at Guthrie & Ghani But as I’d already bought some there it sadly stayed.

Fast forward a couple of weeks to me rather drunk at a party and I went online and bought the fabric anyway! Here’s to doing weird things when drinking!

I decided I wanted the dresses to have pockets, so I took the pocket piece from the clemence pattern and then tried on my other Megan dress to check for placement.

The first Megan I made fully lined with a light poly cotton for the lining. I also made the pockets in the lining. Construction went well until I got to the zip, I rushed it and used a bit too much of that magic tape to hold it in place which led to the zip not being especially invisible and it has a bit of a cats bum at the bottom…

I also had a bit of an issue with the pockets, I’ve only made pockets once before and I just sort of winged these ones. There’s a lot of puckering at the bottom of the pockets and they (the main fabric and lining) don’t line up exceptionally well but they work!

So here’s my first Christmas Megan in all its rookie glory!


Classic mug holding pose

Cats bum!

I know I’ve said I messed a few things up on this dress but I don’t mind and I’m really pleased with it, it’s also comfy and surprisingly warm due to being lined!

Onto my second dress, I had grand pocket plans for this one too but then of course decided I absolutely had to wear it to a Christmas party so I whipped it up as quickly as possible and totally forgot about my pockets! I only lined the skirt of this dress, and with a lining fabric rather than a cotton.
For some reason this dress has ended up being quite baggy at the waist, I have no idea how or why as this is my fourth Megan and I’ve never had this issue before!!
You can see it quite well in the photos, especially that last one that the front is far too baggy, and I also ended up with excess fabric at the bag leaving the top of the zip area quite baggy.
I’ll definitely have to take it in for next xmas but it did me well enough the few times I wore it in December!!
I can’t believe I’ve gotten to the stage of sewing where I can say I’ve made the same pattern a few times, it feels like some kind of (very silly and made up) milestone!
I always love hearing about the patterns other people are always going back to so please feel free to share!
Merry (very belated) Christmas everyone!

2 thoughts on “Megan for Christmas

  1. Awww I love both your Christmas dresses. I really need to try out the Megan dress as it's such a cute shape. How annoying that your second dress ended up baggy. Perhaps it was because you only lined the skirt, so the weight was all on the waist seam, pulling it down(?)


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