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Cambridge Sewcialists April Meet-up Plan

Hey Gang!

I just wanted to put a little scheduley type thing up for the meet on Saturday in case people are wanting to drop in only for certain points!

Please do let me know by email if you are wanting to come along, so I can then email you my mobile number. My email is;

✂️ Itinerary ✂️ 

11am – 1pm
Waterstone’s Cafe
Meeting here as it’s one of the roomier cafes in Cambridge and also easy to find! 
We’ll have plenty of time for chatting and also a pattern & fabric swap! 

1pm – 2pm
Sew Creative
We’ll pop into Cambridges oldest craft shop, they do a large variety of yarn and quilting cottons.

A quick trip into this fabric shop to see what they have on offer. I haven’t been in since they had a refurbishment, but they usually have a range of household fabrics, dressmaking fabrics and a haberdashery.

3pm – 4pm
John Lewis
Not an independent but they have some nice fabrics and a decent haberdashery.

4pm onwards
Pub? If anyone fancies it for a drink, a snack and even more chat!

Obviously this itinerary is just a loose guide, but I wanted everyone to know what was potentially in-store!

3 thoughts on “Cambridge Sewcialists April Meet-up Plan

  1. Hi, I shall be coming tomorrow, but I won't be staying for the whole afternoon and I may have a teen daughter in tow! Thanks for organising this – should be fun!


  2. Hi Susie, I know you sent me a message (on instagram I think) about this and I now can't find it! But, well done for organising and I'm sorry I couldn't make it this time. Maybe next time?! Alice, Backstitch


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