Falling Leaves Afghan

Hey gang!

I’ve been crocheting now for over 4 years, I learned because I liked amigurumi and because I was doing an unpaid internship so needed some cheap thrills! Over the years there’s been many projects I started and then didn’t finish, I think about 80% went in the bin when we moved last month, just because I knew if I hadn’t finished them by now then I never would.

But I believed I’d finish this one!


Then I got REALLY strict with myself and decided that in fact, I could only start my next blanket, if I finished this one.

I started this blanket, in April 2013 and finished it October 2016!!


Early 2013 the creator of this pattern, the wonderful Susan Carson (Of Felted Button) asked for testers and I applied. I was unemployed and needed something positive to fill the void, and it did! …don’t panic guys the tester was 4 squares not this whole blanket haha!


I call it the Falling Leaves blanket because that was the original pattern name but it is now called the Flying Colors blanket.


I used the following 6 yarns for the project, all are Sirdar Hayfield Bonus DK;

sr_f013_0793_0793 Clover
sr_f013_760_0760 Orchid Pink
sr_f013_840_0840 Purple
sr_f013_957_0957 Primrose
sr_f013_819_0819 Bright Lemon
sr_f013_978_0978 Sunflower

The colours I chose weren’t the best however I still really like the way the blanket came out, but after all these years I had a bit of a love/hate thing going on with it and I wanted it to go to a new home. Luckily my oldest friend was coming to visit that weekend and as I owed her a new house gift (from months ago, I’m such an asshole!) I decided to see if she wanted the blanket, and she did!


I’m so glad my blanket has found a loving home!!




4 thoughts on “Falling Leaves Afghan

  1. Well done on sticking this one out! The colours are fab and your friend is lucky to have such a lovely snuggly-looking blanket. Good luck with the next one!


  2. Awww that’s great the blanket found a loving home, it was definitely worth finishing. The colours look amazing against your orange and pink blog background!


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