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Dream T&tB duo come to life!

Hi guys!

As always, long time no see. I’ve finally started getting my sewing bug back and it’s a gooooooood feeling!

I made myself a new Bronte top but fancied trying something else. I was annoyed that when I’d last made the Agnes top it hadn’t worked out, as Tilly’s patterns are usually rather good to me. I had also been plotting a certain pair for a while. An Agnes/Arielle pairing with my dream Arielle skirt, which I actually bought the fabric for about 9 months ago!

I’m getting more and more into planning (both crafting and life!) and I’m really enjoying planning my me-mades. I’ve changed systems now but this is an old sketch I did for this outfit I had in my mind.


I couldn’t remember how I shortened the Arielle last time i made it so I  measured my pattern pieces against my completed Arielle and winged it!
Doing this I somehow cocked up the lining and it ended up a bit too long but it doesn’t show when I’m wearing it (just!) so I don’t mind. I definitely rushed the end of this skirt because I was desperate to wear it for a visit to Brighton! I put the buttons on by machine for the first time ever and omg that saved me about a bajillion hours of my life!!! It doesn’t look as nice as it would if they were handsewn but that 100% doesn’t bother me!


This outfit makes me ridiculously happy and has really reminded me of just how magical sewing is. I think it’s amazing that I just put an idea down on paper and now I’m wearing it.

Loving my new glasses by the way! Aren’t they cute? Cath Kidston paired up with Specsavers!

Finally here’s some shots from my garden, this was our first Spring here and it’s a joy to see all the different flowers popping up!


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When I saw Tilly’s newest pattern (when it came out!) the Arielle skirt, I liked it but I couldn’t see how I’d wear it so I put it out of my mind. Then after a few weeks, I suddenly had a vision! A vision of a black Arielle with white polka dots, but with a surprise lining inside, namely bright pink.

With this vision in mind, I went on the hunt in Fabric Land in Brighton and was blessed by the sewing gods that they had exactlyyyyyyy what I wanted (that is so rare, especially in that insane shop). I got myself an almost denim weight black polka dot fabric and briiight pink lining fabric!

However when I got it home I panicked and decided I wanted to trial run the pattern with a less precious fabric first. I’d bought this atlas fabric at the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show, inspired by Deborah from this years GBSB, I’d planned to make a dress and position Poland over my heart because you know, gotta love being patriotic to a country you don’t live in! These plans were soon scrapped however when upon inspection I realised the map omitted not only Poland but most of Eastern Europe and other parts of the world!

So I decided to use this fabric for my Arielle and some cream coloured lining I’d bought off Minerva Crafts a few months ago.

I cut a straight size 5 which is the size I seem to be for all of Tilly’s patterns which is rather helpful!

This pattern was the first time I’d made buttonholes which luckily went off without a hitch (after much practising!)

The lining was pretty easy to make, although I used a zigzag stitch on it as I didn’t trust myself to catch the hem properly, but I like the way it looks so that’s all good 🙂

When I chose the buttons, I realised that even though I have a jarful of buttons, not many were suitable so I went for a subtle pastel lemon. I then stitched them on using little arrows, which makes them that little bit pretty and fancy.

Here’s a shot so you can see how wrong the map is haha! Brazil is just casually crashing into Africa there and where Germany should start, it appears a huge lake/ocean appeared in Europe and devoured it!

The main issue I had with the Arielle is that I’d put the buttonholes too far in the skirt, so I have a bit of a flappy thing going on, it’s definitely lessened after a few washes but I wasn’t pleased with it! I could also see where I needed to concentrate more on my stitching…

So when I finally decided it was time to make the dream skirt, I made it on my new machine and moved the buttonholes over, and here is the result!

The above photo and the next few were taken on holiday in Poland!

In hindsight, as lovely as this door was, it probably wasn’t the best choice to model a black skirt in front of it…

My stitching was much straighter in this skirt (still not 100% but that’s ok!) and I just love love love how the hot pink lining looks with the black!

Again I didn’t have a great choice of buttons so I went for some pretty plain ones.

So overall I’m super pleased with these skirts, and as always Tilly’s pattern was wonderful and easy to follow, the most challenging part is understitching the lining which isn’t that bad so yay!