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Spring Knitting and Stitching Show

So I mentioned before that I won a couple of tickets to the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show from Winnie at The Scruffy Badger. I was super stoked and invited my friend Estelle to come along.

I’d never been to any kind of craft show before but I’d read reviews on blogs of shows like Unravel and Yarndale where there was a lot of interaction between stallholders and visitors.

Walking in we found it quite overwhelming and we didn’t know where to start, so we decided to try to zigzag round the stalls and then go back to ones we wanted to buy things from.

 I was surprised at the amount of random crap stalls there were, selling things like soup makers and vibrating bed things, I had kinda expected to see more independent companies and more interaction.

That’s not to say there weren’t some wonderful stalls there, and some great displays.

The above two photos are of course from the Best in Show books company, I’ve actually got one of the books, it was a gift from a friend as it has a wire-hair dachshund in it, but I really cant knit very well, maybe one day!

Both of the above were from a knitted farm competition which was really cute.

The above photo is from the Toft crochet jungle project, there was a large number of chairs underneath where people were crocheting to add bits to it.

I loved this stall which was a beautiful modern take on tapestry, if they had had any of Brighton or Warsaw I’d have definitely considered buying one.

This was the stall of Sincerely Louise Who’s work I saw in Mollie Makes recently, I was also seriously tempted by one of these however again as my knitting skills are seriously lacking it’d be a bit of a dud! Also my other half isn’t convinced of the awesomeness of crafty taxidermy. 

Finally there was a mini full of sewing machines!!

This is my hoard from the day, 2 lots of fabric, a new tool and a brooch from MIY Workshop, a bracelet, and these 3 patterns. 

The MIY Workshop stall was one of the friendlier ones, however it was only after we left I realised they are based in my hometown of Brighton! I am pet sitting for my mum in a couple of months so I may have to head over there then.

After reading Jenna’s post about her visit (read it here) I think we made a mistake by not signing up to any of the workshops or classes, whilst I’m not in a rush to go to one of these shows again soon, I may do in the future.
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2014 Round up

I thought this post wouldn’t take so long as obvs I am rubbish and barely make anything and everything I make is rubbish, but when I put some photos together I realised I did rather alright last year, woohoo! So I made some collages of course. Theres some stashy filler pics too of course

Bedroom lampshade/Work Lanyard/Kitchen Bag Holder
Sexy Men Cushion [Pattern]/Feather Holder/Golden Girls Cross Stitch [Pattern]
1 of 6 Pattern Weights/Cup of Tea Cross Stitch/4 Handmade Cushions

Mollie makes fox brooch/Mollie Johansson Emboidery [Pattern]/Deer Cushion [Pattern]
Fox Scarf WIP [Pattern]/Polka dot clutch WIP/Bull Shit Man Costume
Granny Square Blanket/Original Angela Landsbury Print [Artist]/Embroidery Sampler WIP

Crochet Owl Cushion [Pattern]/Pusheen [Pattern]/Dachshund Embroidery on a Picnic Blanket Skirt [Pattern][Pattern]
Flamingo Cross Stitch [Pattern]/Kitchen Unit Curtain/Long Sleeve Bronte Top [Pattern]
Christmas Stockings (Frogged)/Yarn Stash/Keila Top WIP [Pattern]

Fabric Pot/Quilt WIP/Vintage Sewing Machine
Rainbow Cowl WIP/Miette Skirt [Pattern]/Fat Quarter Stash
Star Trek TNG Cross Stitch [Pattern]/Green Dress WIP/Round Cushion

Definitely a right mix there, I only started cross stitching this year and its quite fun although I get bored rather quickly so I don’t think it’ll be something I do too often. I definitely did not take enough photos, there’s other things I made that aren’t here (including clothes) and I’m bringing plenty of WIPs into 2015. I’m planning another post for my plans and hopes for 2015 so maybe I’ll finish that post for the end of March haha.

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Sexy men cushion

I briefly mention this when it was a WIP but now it’s done and sent on its way so I can share this looooverly cushion I made.

My best friend Jenny is a an artist who does a lot of work about hyper masculinity, namely super muscley men and body builders. See her website here.
She moved into a new place with her boyfriend recently and I decided to make her a moving in gift, which of course I gave her once she’d been there for months already but she loved it anyway.

I made her a cushion with some Sublime Stitching patterns I bought ages ago (with Jenny in mind!).

I decided to have some design on the front and some on the back, and to make the cushion an envelope shape.

Tracing the pattern

All the bodies were done in backstitch

Obligatory man chest snap

Back of stitches

One finished hunky man!

Finished front

Finished back

Face close up

Surfboard close up

All in all this project was super fun, one of the best bits was doing it on the bus and getting some funny looks haha.