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Cambridge Sewcialists and MMM16

Hey guys!

So as I mentioned before, I have something a bit exciting to share with you all, and that is a beautiful logo my friend Estelle made for the meet up I’m organising (hopefully the first of many!)

She also made a coloured version so I have a choice (she knows me so well!!)

You can find Estelles website here, I’m hoping to squeeze in a little post about how wonderful she is soon but definitely check out her website for now!!

So for yonks I’ve wanted to organise a meet up, this in fact goes back to before I really started sewing even. When I was unemployed and living back home in Brighton, I managed to find a nice stitch n bitch group and I was delighted to finally meet people who crafted. Once I moved away to Cambridgeshire I was keen to keep that going, there are stitch and Burch group’s in Cambridge but I live about half a hour away by bus so it wasn’t ideal. Eventually I decided I just had to make a local group, so I put an advert in the village paper and people started getting in touch. We started to meet but we were plagued with issues. In short, there is nowhere in the village that is well lit with seating that you can go to in the evenings. Eventually I gave up because I couldn’t find a good place and I started working more and more hours too. Since then we’ve attempted a revival using someone’s home but that hasn’t had a chance to get off the ground quite yet.

So now I know about this wonderful community and I’ve been to Sewbrum, I really wanted to try to get something going in Cambridge. I put the idea out there on The Fold Line but then just sat on it. Luckily Jen organised a meet up at backstitch which looked lovely and it gave me the kick up the bum I’d been needing!

So I’ve organised a more social meet up in central Cambridge for the 23rd of April. I’m so excited, I can’t wait to meet more sewing ladies!

I’m going to be putting up another post with all the details after this 😊

I also wanted to put my MMM16 pledge on here, this will be my first time and I’m super excited! I remember seeing MMM in 2014 and having it really fuel my desire to crack this sewing thing, then in 2015 thinking I’m not quite at that stage yet because I’d run out of things to wear 3 days in haha! Now I might just make it but even if I don’t I’m also really doing it to find out more about my me-made wardrobe.

‘I, Susie, of Craftysooze, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’16. I endeavour to wear at last one handmade item of clothing each day for the duration of May 2016’

Super excited to see everyone else’s MMM posts and photos!