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Fuck 2016

Hey dudes!

This post is gonna be kind of long and kind of personal, just a heads up y’all!


This is a little cross stitch I made using Subversive Stitches perfect pattern.

So obviously 2016 hasn’t been especially good for any kind of human rights, unless you’re a rich white male asshole, so if you are, whoop whoop to you!

It’s also been a hard year for me personally, my mental health really took a tumble, especially after my dog suddenly and unexpectedly passed away in June. It got so bad that I just stopped sewing a few months ago. A while after we moved to Salisbury I finally went to the drs and asked for help, I’m now a few weeks into a long course of anti-depressants and they’re starting to make a difference which is great.

I managed to work on smaller projects with crochet and cross stitch which really helped as well.

So anyhoo!

I finished 2015 with a plan of 9 patterns I wanted to make in 2016, I will be honest guys, I made 3 of them. However one of the ones I didn’t make has crept into next year’s list 😉

The ones I made are the Sewaholic Cambie (3 times, with 2 others cut out!), the Jennifer Lauren Vintage Bronte (3 times with 1 cut out) and the Paprika Patterns Jade skirt, which sadly didn’t work out (due to incorrect fabric choice I think!).

The patterns I have chosen for next year are a bit more practical and functional and I think, more my style. The more I sew, the more I find what suits me and what style patterns I keep returning to. With that in mind, two patterns I’ve actually already made are in my list, the Bettine and the Agnes. My 3 Bettines are in heavy rotation and I love having a dress I can jut throw on that can take me from night to day! With the Agnes, my previous attempts didn’t work out very well so I’m hoping to master this basic but classic knit top this year.


JLV Ivy PinnaforeChristine Hayes EmeryT&TB Rosa
Blueprints for Sewing Saltbox TopT&TB AgnesJLV Gable top
T&TB BettineColette WrenGrainline Moss

Whilst thinking about these patterns and my future plans I have also planned what fabrics to use and have chosen fabrics mostly from my stash, something I need to work through this year! I’ve made a visual reminder for myself of these as well, feel free to feast your eyes!


Finally for my 2017 plans, I have really caught the cross stitch bug the last month or so, so I’ve made myself a visual plan of the cross stitch I plan to make next year also!


All the above patterns are from Etsy or Subversive Cross Stitch, and then the hornbill is made using PC Stitch, and it’ll be a gift for my friend who looks after her ^_^

The following collages don’t need much to be said! There’s some of my sewing, then some of my other crafting and finally finishing with some of the lovely times I’ve had with my beautiful sewing friends this year. I’m so happy I found the sewing community and that I’ve had all the wonderful experiences that I’ve had!


Sewaholic Cambie – T&TB Bettine – T&TB Lilou
Seamwork Adelaide – SOI Tulip Skirt – T&TB Miette
SOI Tulip Skirt – T&TB Bettine/T&TB Lilou – Colette Moneta


Blueprints for Sewing Saltbox Top – Patternweights – Seamwork Astoria
SoZo Anya Bag – Seamwork Astoria Hack – Heatpacks
JLV Bronte Top – Victory Patterns Ham & Sausage – JLV Bronte Top


Felted Button Falling LeavesGranny Shawl – Cardigan
Haak maar Raak! BlanketJulie Jackson Fuck 2016Sarah London Wooleater
Julie Jackson Beware of DogTerribly Simple ShawlPlastic Little Covers Girls Just

sewingbuddiescollageGabby’s wedding with Elle – Sewing Weekender with Abi – Post fabric shopping
Heavy metal shaving in Warsaw with Jenny – Cambridge Sewcialists – My cousins wedding
Visiting Backstitch with Elle – Gabby’s wedding – Sewing Weekender with Elle

Well done for making it through that rather long shit storm! 

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2017 ❤

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Hey guys!

So a million years ago my best friend took me to a magical place I’d never been called Ikea! It made me hours late to meet my mum which made me feel 15 again.

It was fairly magical, if I ignore my memories about the other customers there… but omg you guys, no-one told me they do FABRIC!!! 

Cutting it myself totally threw me but I grabbed some doozies. One was a beautiful wood print which became a cushion for my other half when he had a sad day.

But the two pieces I got myself, I had no idea what to do with them, especially when I realised they were both upholstery weight canvasy things. I decided they were a bit of a mistake and they weighed down my stash shelf for a good long while. Then one day I saw there were lots of canvas and upholstery weight Delphines on pinterest and realised I had a project for my ridiculous fabric!

I cut the main body out using single layers because nobody should miss out on these great moose.
For the back I just winged it with pattern placement and made sure I had bits I liked there. For the waistband I tried to just continue on the pattern from below, and keep those great super bright leaves going.

The skirt came together quickly and I managed to make yet another zip actually invisible.

However you’ll see in the pictures that my waistband is misaligned at the back. It also grapes at the top. There must be a way of fixing this but I’m not sure how…

This is such a fun skirt to wear though! It creases a wee bit and I am a dangerous person to have around white clothes but I’ve not had any massive spills yet…

Fabulous moose!!

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Sew Over it Pencil Skirt

Hey guys!

So this summer I decided I really wanted a classy af pencil shirt, and I had an ideal fabric that I’d bought in Hobbycraft. It’s a cotton with a slight stretch to it. After looking at the sizing chart I saw my hips were 2 sizes down from my waist, so I would have to grade the pattern down a wee bit.

The skirt didn’t take long to make (even for me!) and I loved it right away. I wore it for a job interview a couple of weeks after making it and I got the job which I’m sure was entirely down to my wonderful skirt 😉

This skirt was the first time I’d made an ACTUALLY invisible zip which was extremely exciting let me tell you!

This was the second kick pleat I’d done and I was really pleased with the instructions.

After my success with the first skirt I decided to make a second one, but shorter. It was the first time I’d shortened a pattern rather than just on the completed skirt. I reduced it a few inches so it’d be above knee length. I actually even remembered to shorten the kick pleat at the back!

For this one I used the fabric I’d bought in Poland, there wasn’t shed loads of it so I used fabric left over from the previous skirt for the facings.

This one has seen even more use than the longer one, I love it even though I don’t have many suitable things to wear with it!

Overall I’m super pleased with these skirts and this pattern, the only thing is that I’m not sure it entirely suits me with the tightness on the belly, so maybe a pepulum skirt would suit me better? The only way to know is to try so if anyone has any pepulum pattern recommendations would be very welcome!!

PS. Yes I am laughing very much at my face in these photos!

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Froggy Fifi

I recently managed a sneak visit to John Lewis, and saw they had a sale on. I’d seen this froggy fabric on my previous visit and it stayed with me, so I ended up getting enough for a Fifi by Tilly, which I’d bought with my Bettine dress pattern.
The fabric is called Hopping Along, it’s part of Cloud9’s Lotus Pond collection. I only realised after that I’d already bought fabric from this collection, and used it for my New Look 6143 dress earlier this year!

I’m not really a pyjama person but it’s definitely nice to have the option! Especially when you stay at a friends house (!).

I bought this pattern along with the Bettine when they were on offer, I usually use PDFs so having real life patterns to hold is exciting!

At first cutting on the bias completely perplexed me, it’s one thing to read about something and look at pictures but actually doing it… I did eventually get my head around it and was able to actually start cutting out!

I cut a straight size 5 as that’s the size I usually use with Tilly’s patterns.

I decided to make Fifi as a surprise for my other half (aka I was trying to find a way around explaining yet another fabric purchase), and I ended up making it in a few days.

Sorry decided not to model this one! Ha!

For what looks like a potentially tricky pattern for beginners it was very easy and as always with Tilly’s patterns the instructions are pretty great 🙂

As soon as I’d made it, I wore it non-stop for a week, then I suddenly got given a pair of Moomins pyjamas by my best friend so I did switch to those.. 
Now I tend to mix it up, however, after all that the top is not the best fit as I’m lacking a bit of extra room for my ta-ta’s! Next time I’ll do an FBA!

This was the first time I’d made and used bias binding so that was exciting! It went better than I expected!

Overall was pretty pleased with the Fifi, I may make another for next summer but with an FBA!

Has anyone else ever made something that ended up with an unfortunate lack of support?

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Who doesn’t need a million pattern weights?

So I’m currently working my way through my Colette Pastille dress and I’ve started making a muslin for the bodice of the Megan dress. I screwed up tracing some of it and decided I needed some more pattern weights (procrastination much?). I had made 6 about a year ago but they are really good at hiding when I need them so I decided to make some more with my ever increasing mountain of scraps.

I made some before, I think it took me a few hours to make 6 before, this time it took me 2 hours to make 8. That’s from cutting to playing with (obviously I couldn’t help myself), still quite a long time but its definitely an improvement.
I filled these ones up a lot more than the previous ones so they’re a much better weight too.
I did manage to drop  a ridiculous amount of the gravel on the floor which the dog tried to eat but I managed to stop her!

In other news I entered a competition on Winnie’s blog Scruffy Badger Time and I won!! I won a pair of tickets to the Spring Knitting & Stitching Show, I promptly told everyone at work about it but they didn’t really get it… I’ve invited my super talented friend Estelle to go, she’s a wonderful freelance illustrator, you can find her website here. I’m soooo super excited to go!! I will definitely be blogging about it after! 
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2014 Round up

I thought this post wouldn’t take so long as obvs I am rubbish and barely make anything and everything I make is rubbish, but when I put some photos together I realised I did rather alright last year, woohoo! So I made some collages of course. Theres some stashy filler pics too of course

Bedroom lampshade/Work Lanyard/Kitchen Bag Holder
Sexy Men Cushion [Pattern]/Feather Holder/Golden Girls Cross Stitch [Pattern]
1 of 6 Pattern Weights/Cup of Tea Cross Stitch/4 Handmade Cushions

Mollie makes fox brooch/Mollie Johansson Emboidery [Pattern]/Deer Cushion [Pattern]
Fox Scarf WIP [Pattern]/Polka dot clutch WIP/Bull Shit Man Costume
Granny Square Blanket/Original Angela Landsbury Print [Artist]/Embroidery Sampler WIP

Crochet Owl Cushion [Pattern]/Pusheen [Pattern]/Dachshund Embroidery on a Picnic Blanket Skirt [Pattern][Pattern]
Flamingo Cross Stitch [Pattern]/Kitchen Unit Curtain/Long Sleeve Bronte Top [Pattern]
Christmas Stockings (Frogged)/Yarn Stash/Keila Top WIP [Pattern]

Fabric Pot/Quilt WIP/Vintage Sewing Machine
Rainbow Cowl WIP/Miette Skirt [Pattern]/Fat Quarter Stash
Star Trek TNG Cross Stitch [Pattern]/Green Dress WIP/Round Cushion

Definitely a right mix there, I only started cross stitching this year and its quite fun although I get bored rather quickly so I don’t think it’ll be something I do too often. I definitely did not take enough photos, there’s other things I made that aren’t here (including clothes) and I’m bringing plenty of WIPs into 2015. I’m planning another post for my plans and hopes for 2015 so maybe I’ll finish that post for the end of March haha.

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Sexy men cushion

I briefly mention this when it was a WIP but now it’s done and sent on its way so I can share this looooverly cushion I made.

My best friend Jenny is a an artist who does a lot of work about hyper masculinity, namely super muscley men and body builders. See her website here.
She moved into a new place with her boyfriend recently and I decided to make her a moving in gift, which of course I gave her once she’d been there for months already but she loved it anyway.

I made her a cushion with some Sublime Stitching patterns I bought ages ago (with Jenny in mind!).

I decided to have some design on the front and some on the back, and to make the cushion an envelope shape.

Tracing the pattern

All the bodies were done in backstitch

Obligatory man chest snap

Back of stitches

One finished hunky man!

Finished front

Finished back

Face close up

Surfboard close up

All in all this project was super fun, one of the best bits was doing it on the bus and getting some funny looks haha.