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Fuck 2016

Hey dudes!

This post is gonna be kind of long and kind of personal, just a heads up y’all!


This is a little cross stitch I made using Subversive Stitches perfect pattern.

So obviously 2016 hasn’t been especially good for any kind of human rights, unless you’re a rich white male asshole, so if you are, whoop whoop to you!

It’s also been a hard year for me personally, my mental health really took a tumble, especially after my dog suddenly and unexpectedly passed away in June. It got so bad that I just stopped sewing a few months ago. A while after we moved to Salisbury I finally went to the drs and asked for help, I’m now a few weeks into a long course of anti-depressants and they’re starting to make a difference which is great.

I managed to work on smaller projects with crochet and cross stitch which really helped as well.

So anyhoo!

I finished 2015 with a plan of 9 patterns I wanted to make in 2016, I will be honest guys, I made 3 of them. However one of the ones I didn’t make has crept into next year’s list 😉

The ones I made are the Sewaholic Cambie (3 times, with 2 others cut out!), the Jennifer Lauren Vintage Bronte (3 times with 1 cut out) and the Paprika Patterns Jade skirt, which sadly didn’t work out (due to incorrect fabric choice I think!).

The patterns I have chosen for next year are a bit more practical and functional and I think, more my style. The more I sew, the more I find what suits me and what style patterns I keep returning to. With that in mind, two patterns I’ve actually already made are in my list, the Bettine and the Agnes. My 3 Bettines are in heavy rotation and I love having a dress I can jut throw on that can take me from night to day! With the Agnes, my previous attempts didn’t work out very well so I’m hoping to master this basic but classic knit top this year.


JLV Ivy PinnaforeChristine Hayes EmeryT&TB Rosa
Blueprints for Sewing Saltbox TopT&TB AgnesJLV Gable top
T&TB BettineColette WrenGrainline Moss

Whilst thinking about these patterns and my future plans I have also planned what fabrics to use and have chosen fabrics mostly from my stash, something I need to work through this year! I’ve made a visual reminder for myself of these as well, feel free to feast your eyes!


Finally for my 2017 plans, I have really caught the cross stitch bug the last month or so, so I’ve made myself a visual plan of the cross stitch I plan to make next year also!


All the above patterns are from Etsy or Subversive Cross Stitch, and then the hornbill is made using PC Stitch, and it’ll be a gift for my friend who looks after her ^_^

The following collages don’t need much to be said! There’s some of my sewing, then some of my other crafting and finally finishing with some of the lovely times I’ve had with my beautiful sewing friends this year. I’m so happy I found the sewing community and that I’ve had all the wonderful experiences that I’ve had!


Sewaholic Cambie – T&TB Bettine – T&TB Lilou
Seamwork Adelaide – SOI Tulip Skirt – T&TB Miette
SOI Tulip Skirt – T&TB Bettine/T&TB Lilou – Colette Moneta


Blueprints for Sewing Saltbox Top – Patternweights – Seamwork Astoria
SoZo Anya Bag – Seamwork Astoria Hack – Heatpacks
JLV Bronte Top – Victory Patterns Ham & Sausage – JLV Bronte Top


Felted Button Falling LeavesGranny Shawl – Cardigan
Haak maar Raak! BlanketJulie Jackson Fuck 2016Sarah London Wooleater
Julie Jackson Beware of DogTerribly Simple ShawlPlastic Little Covers Girls Just

sewingbuddiescollageGabby’s wedding with Elle – Sewing Weekender with Abi – Post fabric shopping
Heavy metal shaving in Warsaw with Jenny – Cambridge Sewcialists – My cousins wedding
Visiting Backstitch with Elle – Gabby’s wedding – Sewing Weekender with Elle

Well done for making it through that rather long shit storm! 

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2017 ❤


Mandatory 2015 look back post

Hey guys!

As seems to be the motto of my blog, better late than never!

And as always when I thought about it I didn’t think I’d made very much in the last 12 months, then when I looked through my photos I realised I was rather wrong about that!

Some of these makes haven’t been blogged, but some of those will be, eventually…

Cushion for Gary, my Clemence skirt, pophat
Kindle cover, Megan dress, baby blanket

Moneta, Easter crafting, Bettine
Delphine, New sewing machine!, Arielle

Crochet racoon brooch, Sewbrum with Bill, Me-made outfit
Moss blanket, wooleater blanket, Ultimate pencil skirt
Camera case, harry potter studios, rainbow cowl

Wristwarmers, Ultimate pencil skirt, Christmas Megan
Agnes, 6180
Christmas Megan, Agnes, Agnes

So that’s what I made… Now I need to think about what is ahead!

I joined in on Instagram with the 2016makenine Hashtag and chose 9 projects I really want to get my teeth into fit next year. As you can see I’m keen to make more skirts! And also more knit tops, as I seem to wear a lot of these paired together. I’ve actually made the Bronte top before and I’m hoping I’ll have more luck with that than I have had with Agnes!


I am also trying out really visualising what I’m planning to make to hopefully actually make better fabric choices and really think through a project. So with that in mind I made a collage that directly corresponds to the patterns above. I used some stash fabric and just some ideas.

So here’s hoping that my 2016 sewing plans work out! I think this might be the year I finally join in with Me Made May too!

Wishing everyone happy sewing times!!!
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2014 Round up

I thought this post wouldn’t take so long as obvs I am rubbish and barely make anything and everything I make is rubbish, but when I put some photos together I realised I did rather alright last year, woohoo! So I made some collages of course. Theres some stashy filler pics too of course

Bedroom lampshade/Work Lanyard/Kitchen Bag Holder
Sexy Men Cushion [Pattern]/Feather Holder/Golden Girls Cross Stitch [Pattern]
1 of 6 Pattern Weights/Cup of Tea Cross Stitch/4 Handmade Cushions

Mollie makes fox brooch/Mollie Johansson Emboidery [Pattern]/Deer Cushion [Pattern]
Fox Scarf WIP [Pattern]/Polka dot clutch WIP/Bull Shit Man Costume
Granny Square Blanket/Original Angela Landsbury Print [Artist]/Embroidery Sampler WIP

Crochet Owl Cushion [Pattern]/Pusheen [Pattern]/Dachshund Embroidery on a Picnic Blanket Skirt [Pattern][Pattern]
Flamingo Cross Stitch [Pattern]/Kitchen Unit Curtain/Long Sleeve Bronte Top [Pattern]
Christmas Stockings (Frogged)/Yarn Stash/Keila Top WIP [Pattern]

Fabric Pot/Quilt WIP/Vintage Sewing Machine
Rainbow Cowl WIP/Miette Skirt [Pattern]/Fat Quarter Stash
Star Trek TNG Cross Stitch [Pattern]/Green Dress WIP/Round Cushion

Definitely a right mix there, I only started cross stitching this year and its quite fun although I get bored rather quickly so I don’t think it’ll be something I do too often. I definitely did not take enough photos, there’s other things I made that aren’t here (including clothes) and I’m bringing plenty of WIPs into 2015. I’m planning another post for my plans and hopes for 2015 so maybe I’ll finish that post for the end of March haha.