Hostess with the most-ess!

Hey gang!

Just a quick update, if y’all follow me on bloglovin then things should be pretty much the same but I’ve changed host sites and moved from Blogger to WordPress, it hurt my little Google-lovin’ heart but I was struggling with the interface and the fact I found it quite inaccessible. So excuse me whilst I make lots of horrific mistakes on WordPress, yay!

Obviously I decided the best time to do this would be whilst we’re moving 150 miles fairly abruptly, because I’m just not quite busy enough!!

I’m hoping to put up a post about last weekend soon, which was of course the Sewing Weekender!!

Thanks for your patience guys, and just cuz I love you all so much, here’s one of my favourite humans and one of my favourite quotes ever, just in case you’ve never heard it, enjoy!

“Why do people say ‘grow some balls’? Balls are weak and sensitive!
If you really wanna get tough, grow a vagina! Those things can take a pounding!”

Betty White



Liebster Award!

Today I got a lovely comment from Shauni of The Magnificent Thread saying she was giving me a Liebster Award!

This is a super sweet award that bloggers give each other, and it helps spread the bloggy love! Once you’ve been nominated you nominate some other blogs you follow (that have less than 200 followers) and then you also share 11 random things about yourself!

So here’s 11 things!

1. I was born and raised in Brighton, and my mum still lives there, the first time I moved away was to go to university in Cambridge!

My favourite spot in my home town
2. I didn’t learn English properly till I started school, my parents are Polish and that was the only language I spoke as a child! I still speak Polish fluently.

3. Speaking of languages, I am trying to learn German. I just do lessons daily on Duolingo and I use Memrise too.

4. The reason I like German stems from my undying love of the band Rammstein, the German heavy metal band. I’ve seen them live 5 times and even have a shelf full of their CD’s and DVD’s.

5. When I was a teenager my mum and I had over 30 animals in our house, we couldn’t stop rescuing animals in need, if I can remember I believe we had… 4 dogs, 8 cats (they all still live at my mums!), 6 rats, 6 Egyptian spiny mice, 6 normal mice and 3 rabbits!

6. I used to be a zookeeper, I worked mostly with birds but also lemurs and reptiles!

Baby flamingo!
7. This January will be my 10 year anniversary since I stopped eating meat, I was vegan twice but have decided that’s not for me, but I don’t think I’ll ever be interested in eating meat again! 

8. I’m the worst at deadlines, especially ones I set myself! 

9. I was once very briefly on the front page of BBC News, after they used a comment and photo I sent them for a magazine article about stretched ears! I’ve never been on TV but my other half has been on local news a few times and was even on a CBBC tv series!

10. I have a fear of heights which was once seriously bad, it became a phobia that ruled my life. I avoided going to new places in case there were heights there and I suffered from panic attacks too. I had hypnotherapy last January which completely changed my life!

11. My final fact is that I’m a bit of a Trekkie! I’ve watched all of them through way too many times (except TOS…) and I’m working through all the millions of books at the moment.

That list was harder to write than I thought! I hope it was random enough for everyone!

I still don’t know many bloggers who have under 200 followers so my list isn’t as long as Shauni’s!

If you guys are interested please also put up your 11 facts and carry on the blogger love 🙂