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Cambridge Sewcialists April Meet-up Plan

Hey Gang!

I just wanted to put a little scheduley type thing up for the meet on Saturday in case people are wanting to drop in only for certain points!

Please do let me know by email if you are wanting to come along, so I can then email you my mobile number. My email is;

✂️ Itinerary ✂️ 

11am – 1pm
Waterstone’s Cafe
Meeting here as it’s one of the roomier cafes in Cambridge and also easy to find! 
We’ll have plenty of time for chatting and also a pattern & fabric swap! 

1pm – 2pm
Sew Creative
We’ll pop into Cambridges oldest craft shop, they do a large variety of yarn and quilting cottons.

A quick trip into this fabric shop to see what they have on offer. I haven’t been in since they had a refurbishment, but they usually have a range of household fabrics, dressmaking fabrics and a haberdashery.

3pm – 4pm
John Lewis
Not an independent but they have some nice fabrics and a decent haberdashery.

4pm onwards
Pub? If anyone fancies it for a drink, a snack and even more chat!

Obviously this itinerary is just a loose guide, but I wanted everyone to know what was potentially in-store!

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Cambridge Sewcialists and MMM16

Hey guys!

So as I mentioned before, I have something a bit exciting to share with you all, and that is a beautiful logo my friend Estelle made for the meet up I’m organising (hopefully the first of many!)

She also made a coloured version so I have a choice (she knows me so well!!)

You can find Estelles website here, I’m hoping to squeeze in a little post about how wonderful she is soon but definitely check out her website for now!!

So for yonks I’ve wanted to organise a meet up, this in fact goes back to before I really started sewing even. When I was unemployed and living back home in Brighton, I managed to find a nice stitch n bitch group and I was delighted to finally meet people who crafted. Once I moved away to Cambridgeshire I was keen to keep that going, there are stitch and Burch group’s in Cambridge but I live about half a hour away by bus so it wasn’t ideal. Eventually I decided I just had to make a local group, so I put an advert in the village paper and people started getting in touch. We started to meet but we were plagued with issues. In short, there is nowhere in the village that is well lit with seating that you can go to in the evenings. Eventually I gave up because I couldn’t find a good place and I started working more and more hours too. Since then we’ve attempted a revival using someone’s home but that hasn’t had a chance to get off the ground quite yet.

So now I know about this wonderful community and I’ve been to Sewbrum, I really wanted to try to get something going in Cambridge. I put the idea out there on The Fold Line but then just sat on it. Luckily Jen organised a meet up at backstitch which looked lovely and it gave me the kick up the bum I’d been needing!

So I’ve organised a more social meet up in central Cambridge for the 23rd of April. I’m so excited, I can’t wait to meet more sewing ladies!

I’m going to be putting up another post with all the details after this 😊

I also wanted to put my MMM16 pledge on here, this will be my first time and I’m super excited! I remember seeing MMM in 2014 and having it really fuel my desire to crack this sewing thing, then in 2015 thinking I’m not quite at that stage yet because I’d run out of things to wear 3 days in haha! Now I might just make it but even if I don’t I’m also really doing it to find out more about my me-made wardrobe.

‘I, Susie, of Craftysooze, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’16. I endeavour to wear at last one handmade item of clothing each day for the duration of May 2016’

Super excited to see everyone else’s MMM posts and photos!

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Long time no blog

Hey gang!
It’s in fact exactly 2 months today since my last blog post although I imagine I’ll be posting this in a couple of days.
I’ve been doing a lot of sewing but I haven’t been writing about it in fact I still have some pieces from 2015 to blog about, a large issue for me has been getting decent photos!!

I went a bit mad recently and decided the best way to really crack on with sewing is to cut out millions of  patterns at once and have them all piled up and then just smash my way through them.
I managed to convince my other half let me have the sewing machine downstairs but eventually ended up having most of the craft room downstairs, then once I was done with something (which wasn’t very often) I would take it and just dump it in the craft room.

This meant that the craft room got destroyed quite quickly and is now a complete state! 
it also meant that I had a big pile of sewing staring at me every night and I felt guilty if I wasn’t sewing, now that I’ve made it pretty much through my pile I’ve put a stop to that and will be cleaning up the craft room and making it a little bit more of an end zone again full stop
I even didn’t finish some projects, I didn’t finish my Lilou toille because I ran out of time before I wanted to have my final version and I also didn’t finish a Bettine because I needed to crack on with my Lilou! My Cambie toille is half done because again I ran out of time and had to crack on with the final version!

So my current plan is to not start anything new until all my half finished projects are done because I actually have a project from last year that I started and didn’t finish and I have a couple of previous projects that need fixing in some way and all of these UFOs are making me sad (and feel like a very naughty sewer)!

The Cambie I was making was for the most wonderful event I attended the previous weekend, I went to the wedding of Gabby Young and Steven Ellis in Preston, Kent. Rhiannon, Elle and I all made Cambies which was so fun. It really highlighted how unique every garment is as all 3 of ours were very different!

(Photo inspired by Elle!)

We had a lovely time at the wedding and Gabbys dress was seriously beautiful! She’d made all of her bridesmaids dresses and they were lovely, in fact the first thing we did when we got there was ooooo at a bridesmaid haha!

Gabby has only just returned from her honeymoon but I know she will be writing at length about her crafty wedding on her blog which you can find here, Living on a Shoestring.

I did also manage to squeeze in a quick visit to a zoo, turns out there’s a nice little zoo just outside Canterbury called Wingham Wildlife Park, which had a few nice birds and quite a few big cats amongst others! Here’s a few of my favourite snaps 🙂

Sorry for such a wordy post gang! I’ll be back with some exciting news next then hopefully crafty makes after!

Hoping spring has infected you all with happy crafty dreams!
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Megan for Christmas

Hey guys!
Hope you’re not 100% over Xmas as there’s a wee bit in this post!!

Ever since I started reading sewing blogs I’ve loved when people have made Christmas dresses, I think it’s a lovely idea.

With this in mind when I saw the Christmasy deer fabric in Barry’s at Sewbrum I decided I was ready to join the Christmas dress club.

Of course a few hours later I saw my actual dream ideal for me Christmas fabric at Guthrie & Ghani But as I’d already bought some there it sadly stayed.

Fast forward a couple of weeks to me rather drunk at a party and I went online and bought the fabric anyway! Here’s to doing weird things when drinking!

I decided I wanted the dresses to have pockets, so I took the pocket piece from the clemence pattern and then tried on my other Megan dress to check for placement.

The first Megan I made fully lined with a light poly cotton for the lining. I also made the pockets in the lining. Construction went well until I got to the zip, I rushed it and used a bit too much of that magic tape to hold it in place which led to the zip not being especially invisible and it has a bit of a cats bum at the bottom…

I also had a bit of an issue with the pockets, I’ve only made pockets once before and I just sort of winged these ones. There’s a lot of puckering at the bottom of the pockets and they (the main fabric and lining) don’t line up exceptionally well but they work!

So here’s my first Christmas Megan in all its rookie glory!


Classic mug holding pose

Cats bum!

I know I’ve said I messed a few things up on this dress but I don’t mind and I’m really pleased with it, it’s also comfy and surprisingly warm due to being lined!

Onto my second dress, I had grand pocket plans for this one too but then of course decided I absolutely had to wear it to a Christmas party so I whipped it up as quickly as possible and totally forgot about my pockets! I only lined the skirt of this dress, and with a lining fabric rather than a cotton.
For some reason this dress has ended up being quite baggy at the waist, I have no idea how or why as this is my fourth Megan and I’ve never had this issue before!!
You can see it quite well in the photos, especially that last one that the front is far too baggy, and I also ended up with excess fabric at the bag leaving the top of the zip area quite baggy.
I’ll definitely have to take it in for next xmas but it did me well enough the few times I wore it in December!!
I can’t believe I’ve gotten to the stage of sewing where I can say I’ve made the same pattern a few times, it feels like some kind of (very silly and made up) milestone!
I always love hearing about the patterns other people are always going back to so please feel free to share!
Merry (very belated) Christmas everyone!

Simplicity 6180

Hey guys!

So I mentioned this make in my Sewbrum post, as I wore it on the day. Since then I’ve worn it loads as it’s a lovely casual dress but can be worn out too.

I wanted a shirt dress for a long old time, I spent a while hunting around and eventually chose this pattern as it isn’t buttoned all the way down so I figured it was fairly beginner friendly. Of course two days after I bought it, Sew Over It brought out their shirt dress pattern! I chose to see how this one goes then maybe get the sew over it pattern at a later date.

I decided to use my parrot fabric I’d bought in Bruges as I had been excited to use it for months!

The pattern started out really well, I enjoyed learning about yokes as I hadn’t used them before.

Then I got to the collar, I really took my time as it was my first collar. It went pretty well until I had to attach it to the yoke and it didn’t fit together! The collar was too small and I silently seethed for a few hours. Then I decided to change the size of the pleat in the centre of the yoke, after a few goes I decided I hated collars and yokes and I put the dress aside planning to go back to it once I’d calmed down… turns out I can hold a grudge! I didn’t start making the dress again until over 2 months later!

Turns out the wait was worth it as I got there pleat the right size on my first go! After that it was easy peasy lemon squeezy. I did have a mind fart moment with my elastic where I decided to iron it… Luckily the iron survived the ordeal even though the elastic didn’t!

Putting the buttonholes and buttons on was easy too, I started the dress on my old machine but finished it on my new one and it has an automatic button hole function so I soon wizzed through that too!

The cuffs have a cute little notch in them which were fun to make but actually I can never seen you get them to stay flat when wearing the dress, a think they’d behave more with a denser or heavier fabric.

I may or may not have been sitting on my behind for a while before this was taken…

I’ve worn this dress lots since I made it as it’s so easy to throw on and can be worn dressed down or (a little) up.


Mandatory 2015 look back post

Hey guys!

As seems to be the motto of my blog, better late than never!

And as always when I thought about it I didn’t think I’d made very much in the last 12 months, then when I looked through my photos I realised I was rather wrong about that!

Some of these makes haven’t been blogged, but some of those will be, eventually…

Cushion for Gary, my Clemence skirt, pophat
Kindle cover, Megan dress, baby blanket

Moneta, Easter crafting, Bettine
Delphine, New sewing machine!, Arielle

Crochet racoon brooch, Sewbrum with Bill, Me-made outfit
Moss blanket, wooleater blanket, Ultimate pencil skirt
Camera case, harry potter studios, rainbow cowl

Wristwarmers, Ultimate pencil skirt, Christmas Megan
Agnes, 6180
Christmas Megan, Agnes, Agnes

So that’s what I made… Now I need to think about what is ahead!

I joined in on Instagram with the 2016makenine Hashtag and chose 9 projects I really want to get my teeth into fit next year. As you can see I’m keen to make more skirts! And also more knit tops, as I seem to wear a lot of these paired together. I’ve actually made the Bronte top before and I’m hoping I’ll have more luck with that than I have had with Agnes!


I am also trying out really visualising what I’m planning to make to hopefully actually make better fabric choices and really think through a project. So with that in mind I made a collage that directly corresponds to the patterns above. I used some stash fabric and just some ideas.

So here’s hoping that my 2016 sewing plans work out! I think this might be the year I finally join in with Me Made May too!

Wishing everyone happy sewing times!!!
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Hey guys!

So a million years ago my best friend took me to a magical place I’d never been called Ikea! It made me hours late to meet my mum which made me feel 15 again.

It was fairly magical, if I ignore my memories about the other customers there… but omg you guys, no-one told me they do FABRIC!!! 

Cutting it myself totally threw me but I grabbed some doozies. One was a beautiful wood print which became a cushion for my other half when he had a sad day.

But the two pieces I got myself, I had no idea what to do with them, especially when I realised they were both upholstery weight canvasy things. I decided they were a bit of a mistake and they weighed down my stash shelf for a good long while. Then one day I saw there were lots of canvas and upholstery weight Delphines on pinterest and realised I had a project for my ridiculous fabric!

I cut the main body out using single layers because nobody should miss out on these great moose.
For the back I just winged it with pattern placement and made sure I had bits I liked there. For the waistband I tried to just continue on the pattern from below, and keep those great super bright leaves going.

The skirt came together quickly and I managed to make yet another zip actually invisible.

However you’ll see in the pictures that my waistband is misaligned at the back. It also grapes at the top. There must be a way of fixing this but I’m not sure how…

This is such a fun skirt to wear though! It creases a wee bit and I am a dangerous person to have around white clothes but I’ve not had any massive spills yet…

Fabulous moose!!